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Bachelorette Surprise Bag

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Can’t decide what kind of gift you want to get the bride-to-be for her bachelorette party? Well, why choose only one gift when you can give her a bunch by surprising her with the Bachelorette Surprise Bag! This gag gift grab-bag is full of funny and raunchy toys, games and accessories that are sure to be a hit at any bachelorette party.

If you remove the tag before gifting it, its contents will definitely be a surprise to her, but we’re not trying to surprise any of you dedicated bridesmaids and maids of honor who are purchasing it.

Bachelorette Surprise Bag contains:

  • Small bell that says “Ring for SEX”
  • Stress penis ball
  • Pink beaded necklace with a cartoon penis at the end
  • Door hanger that lets everyone know not to disturb your wild party
  • Bachelorette scratch-off card with challenges for the bachelorette to complete
  • 10 Bachelorette Challenge vouchers with more challenges for the bachelorette to complete
  • One additional semi-randomized item

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