Say hello to the third generation G vibe, lucky number G vibe 3! Third time’s the charm with this seductive beauty.
The GVibe3 vibrator is an impressively smart sex toy for simultaneous internal and external use. A double vibrator offering great pleasure for women, men, and all genders and body parts. Enjoy simultaneous double stimulation, double penetration, including clit, g-spot, p-spot, and anal stimulation from one sexy multitool of a massager.
G vibe3 now offers 100% extra power as it boasts three powerful motors – two in the tips and one in the shaft. Just the ticket for a dual penetration vibrator that hits all the right spots.
Enjoy more power with no extra charge required. A full charge lasts 4 hours for lots of time to play full throttle. For the third generation G-vibe3 we’ve updated the motors to be more strategically located for perfect, on-point g-spot stimulation.

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