XR Brand

MS Triad Medium Triple Cock Ring


An ultra secure chrome cock device that keeps the man in question aggressively contained, the Triad Chamber has a unique triple ringed design that wraps everything up impressively well. Designed for the advanced player, the slick steel Triad provides a sleek, great looking modern appearance along with a substantial, weighty feel and the potential for perfect control.

The larger of the rings fits over the shaft and balls, up against the body, while the mid-sized number loops under the testicles, leaving the smallest to fit over the shaft. In combination, the three join forces to support, constrict and control sensation in a way that perhaps no other cock ring can. Needless to say, the steel is definitely unyielding and will stand up to some very enthusiastic handling.

Some lube will definitely help get the Triad in place, you'll be able to use your choice of substance with the ultra hygienic steel that's able to be fully sterilized with boiling water or a bleach solution. Thanks to the temperature sensitivity of steel, the Triad will naturally and very quickly warm to match up with body heat, it can also be be warmed or cooled before play in the fridge or with warm water. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

Base Ring - 1.75"
Ball Ring - 1.5"
Shaft Ring - 1"

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