nipple play Vacuum Twist Suckers


If you adore the sensation of nipple stimulation but find clamps a little too intense, you're in luck! The nipple play collection from CalExotics presents a completely customizable pair of vacuum suckers that'll pull and tug at your/their nipples with absolutely no pinch involved.

Nice and sturdy, the large, all-encompassing Suckers will fully surround your or your partner's nipples (or clitoris, or other outer sweet spots) thanks to a big, circular opening. Press a Sucker against an erogenous zone in need/want of some suction, and simply twist the top car of your Sucker to activate suction. You'll be able to see the internal plunger mechanism rise as it draws your/their skin upward. Twist the cap in the opposite direction to release the internal pressure.

In firm, extra hygienic ABS plastic, the Suckers are easy to clean with some soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.

*Each Sucker is approximately 4"/10.2cm long and about 1.1"/2.8cm in diameter.

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