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Novelty Cigar Torch - Couple on Chaise Lounge

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Just because you're a classy person who enjoys the finer things in life, it doesn't mean that you still can't indulge in some fun along the way.

These naughty cigar torches are made from die-cast metal depicting a couple in an intimate position. To make thing even more fun, the lighter is ignited when you make the couple engage in the act!

Finish colour may vary.


• Once filled, this lighter contains pressurised flammable gas – keep out of reach of children

• Keep away from your face and other people’s faces and clothes while in use

• The flames are on a timed release – be sure to allow the flame to go out completely after use

To Adjust The Flame:

• The flame adjustment wheel is found around the butane port and can be adjusted with a small screwdriver

• Turn left for a smaller flame and turn right for a larger flame – maximum setting is not recommended

To Refill:

• In a well ventilated area, follow the refill instructions on your butane/pressurized gas can

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