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Peekaboo - Aphrodisia Game

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Create the ultimate lovers' night in with Peekaboo Aphrodisia. It's a complete night of passion and seductin in a box.

Inside there's everything you need to create a truly original and unforgettably sensual experience that you and your love can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The seduction begins with an intriguingly, intimate invitation to dinner. A choice of three powerful and potent Aphrodisia candles will keep you there. The night ends with a blindfold and a seductive after dinner game. Or is that just where the night begins?


  • 1 Aphrodisia Seduction and Passion Plan
  • 2 Intimate Invites
  • 2 Scent-sual Passion Candles
  • 3 Seduction Meal Recipes
  • 1 Flaunty Tickle Feather
  • 1 I Dare You Dice
  • 1 Bedroom Blindfold

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