Real Jackie Sex Doll

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When it comes to fantasizing during, ahem, alone time, the fantasy (no matter how good) is usually just that: a fantasy. We love 'em and we all have them. If you've been searching for a satisfaction solution to those times when the fantasy and your go-to masturbator or left/right just isn't cutting it, may we suggest Jackie? Words don't even begin to describe this knock-out. Oh, we'll try, but suffice it to say that your dreams (and you) are about to come true!

First off, Jackie's curvy frame stands at just over 5.2 feet tall. A gorgeous face with supple lips and hypnotic blue eyes comes topped with a flowing mane (wig) of golden blond hair ready to be brushed, styled or tugged on. Spectacular DD cup curves and sleek limbs wait to be caressed, you'll even be able to nibble on her dainty, detailed fingers and toes.

Jackie can sit, stand, kneel and more, perfectly accommodating just about any position. Tender soft flesh over a strong and stable core supports any position - arms, legs, knees, fingers and toes bend and flex, staying put until moved. Curled up in a favourite chair, bent over the bed or waiting expectantly at the table for dinner, she's happy to oblige. Jeni comes complete with a free lingerie set.

Jackie's soft ultra snug pussy was molded to exact realism specifications inside and out- same goes for a round squeezable ass. Soft, full lips welcome you into an unbelievable blow-job, or if you're feeling like you could use some handy help, she's is happy to step up. Watch out for her nails, though! To warm up Jeni's pussy, ass or mouth beforehand, slide in an included USB activated warming wand for a few minutes.

In a body safe blend of soft TPE elastomer, Jeni should be cleaned carefully using a mild warm water and soap solution, or with a high end toy care fluid/foam. Flush each orifice after use and be sure to allow lots of dry time before storage. A good pat-down with the included Renewing powder will help eliminate any post-cleanup tackiness. Please keep Jeni away from items containing ink (newspaper, magazines) and any fabrics that may transfer colour. Full care instructions are included. Compatible with water based lubes only.

Jackie's measurements are as follows: Height: 5.18', Bust: 37.4", Cup Size: DD, Waist: 20.2", Hips: 35.2". Vaginal and anal insertion lengths are each 7" (18cm), oral is 5.9" (15cm). Her shoe size is US6.

USB warming accessory
Lingerie set

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