Rookie Penis Pump

A top-selling beginner friendly classic from day one, the Rookie is here to take the pressure off pumping! In a nice easy-grip size, clear calibrated measurements help you keep track of progress as a tapered silicone sleeve cushions and protects skin.

Lube up with a favourite water-based formula and slip into the Rookie's opening. The soft silicone around the entrance reaches down about 2.5 inches in, helping hold your penis in place and also securing an airtight seal. Beforehand, attach the flexible black hose to the top of the clear cylinder so it's ready to go. A few squeezes of the ball valve will activate suction, which it turn draws blood into the penis and builds a rock hard erection.

If you're one to keep track of things, measurements run from 3-18 cm on one side and 1-7 inches on the other. Once pump time is up, release pressure immediately using a simple button on the side of the ball valve.

In body safe plastic and silicone materials, the Rookie cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Remove the black silicone sleeve to clean thoroughly. If a lube's in play, always choose a great quality water based version- don't be tempted to use a silicone lube, it can break down the Rookie's silicone components.

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