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SONO No. 31 Penis Extension

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Stretchy, safe and super-effective, Shots No. 31 Penis Extension offers enhancement seekers a quick, comfortable way to extend length and boost thickness. Ultra smooth and shaped realistically, this soft sleeve naturally adds just under an inch of length, a little extra girth and tons of satisfaction potential.

Pliably stretchy and extremely comfortable, just add a little lube to a penis or toy of choice before sliding fully over the tip and shaft. Holding secure through even the most enthusiastic play, the No. 31 features a supple ring that loops gently over the testicles, keeping everything in place.

In extra soft, ultra stretchy TPE elastomer, the No. 31 cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lubricant.

* The No.31 Extension adds approximately .9" (2.5cm) in length and .4" (.2cm) of thickness. Stretches to fit most.

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