Tenga - Egg Masturbator - Wonder Wind


Crack open an evening of pleasure with the Tenga Wonder Wind Egg Masturbator!

Experience the bold sensations of this super stretchy TPE masturbator. Tenga Eggs may come in a small package but crack open the shell and you’ll feel how this little egg can expand to accommodate almost any size. The super stretchy elastomer drastically expands for a comfortable, snug fit.

The Wind features a dynamic interior lined with rippling waves that’ll stimulate you stroke after stroke. Pour the included lube in and around the hole of the stretchy egg and then slide inside and feel the ripples of pleasure along your shaft and head. The egg is soft so you can grip it comfortably. Start out slow and experience every wave tickle and tantalize you. You’ll soon find yourself speeding up as the patterns play with your pleasure.

This sleeve is a single-use product, so once you’re done just tuck it back inside the shell and dispose of it. Simple!

This masturbation sleeve is no “yolk!” Grab one today for the best solo “lay” you’ve ever had!

Textured Masturbation Sleeve
Super Stretchy
Body-Safe TPE
Wavy Pattern
Lubricant Included
Easy to Use

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