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Weekend in Bed 3 Tantric Massage Activity Kit

Combining everything you and your massage-craving partner could possibly desire into a travel-friendly set ready for hands-on fun at home or away, the Weekend In Bed 3 Tantric Massage Activity Kit contains sexy massage tip cards, some must-have massage accessories, and all you'll need to set the mood.

Start off with a glance through the Tantric Massage Intimate Acts sheet for some background. Next, explore the art of hands-on touch with three sets of cards incorporating the included hot stones and roller ball massage glove. Set the mood while prepping for a silky massage by lighting the cocoa butter massage oil candle and sprinkling silky faux rose petals over the bed (or couch, or floor etc).

A soft purple satin storage bag is included, perfect for grabbing out of your bedside table or as you head out for some sexy tantric adventures.


Tantric Massage Intimate Acts sheet
7 Hot Stone activity cards
10 Massage activity cards
5 Roller Ball cards
Cocoa Butter Massage Oil Candle
3 Heatable Massage Stones
Decorate fabric Rose Petals
Roller Ball Massage Glove
Satin Storage Bag

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