7 Best Types of Male Masturbators to Add to Your Collection

There are plenty of male masturbators out there on the market. Some are discreet and travel-friendly, while others are large and obvious but they give you a ton of exceptional options. If you’re looking for the best type of male masturbator for you, here are seven you should take a peek at:

Best male masturbators

We-vibe air arc

We-Vibe Arc Wave Ion Air

Auto strokers

Having an automatic stroker is like having a mini sex machine on hand with you, when and where you want it. There are a few different auto strokers out there that you can get your hands on—some have an adjustable motion arm where you can attach a regular stroker but use it automatically with the machine while others do all the work for you built into one machine.

The We-Vibe Arc Wave Ion Air is an automatic stroker that you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy. It uses air pressure to create eight different intensities that help stimulate the closest thing to a female orgasm that men can experience. The We-Vibe also works remotely via Bluetooth technology if you’re trying to connect with a remote partner.

Adam's Stroker Trio

Mouth masturbators

Mouth masturbators are male masturbators with an opening that’s shaped like a mouth. You can find them in a variety of shapes, some feature just a lips entry, while others might feature a full-face or even a lips and throat design.

You can find a mouth-shaped masturbator inside the Adam’s Stroker Trio package (which also features butt and vagina-shaped masturbators as well). It features its own mouth-emulating texture inside and is small enough that you can take it out on the road with you.

Jenna Haze vagina stroker

Pocket pussy

A pocket pussy is a small and portable stroker that you can use on the go that’s shaped like a woman’s vagina. 

The Jenna Haze toy is a good example of a small, portable stroker that’s shaped like a vagina. This is one of the best male masturbator choices if you want a vagina-looking entry but you need to fit it in your hand and want to have full control over the speed, depth and intensity.  

It features soft lips on the stroker’s entry and clingy textured material inside. You want to use it with your favourite water-based lube, and make sure to properly clean it afterwards! 

Realistic butt stroker

A realistic butt stroker is exactly what it sounds like—a masturbator for men that looks like a real ass that you can penetrate. It works like any other stroker, though, in they tend to be larger and you won’t necessarily be able to use it lying in bed.

The Doc Johnson Doggie Style Debbie Masturbator is a slightly oversized masturbator that’s positioned like the back-end of a woman. It offers two entry points, the butt and vagina, and features butt cheeks that you can hold onto while you ride.

It’s made out of their own patented “ULTRASKYN” that’s easy to clean. If you want to step the experience up, you can add a bullet vibe to the mix. But don’t forget your water-based lube

Satisfyer mens classic

Self-contained strokers

The mood can strike at any time and you never really need to know when you’re going to want to stroke—so they created self-contained strokers to solve that problem. Packable and ready-to-use, these bad boys can help you out when you’re in a real pinch, or simply want to spend some quality time with yourself.

A stroker like the Satisfyer Men Classic male masturbator is a discreet pick if you’re looking for the perfect travel companion. It’s set into a non-flashy, sturdy, black casing. You simply pop the top when you’re ready to use it and slide right in.

While the outside doesn’t reveal its use and it has a non-detailed entry, the inside is filled with a unique texture set in soft body-like material that helps create an irresistible sensation.

If you’re looking for a self-time stroker that has a single-use mandate, you can get something like the Tenga Egg. Perfect for one-time use, you rip one of these bad boys open and head to town. They contain everything you need, including lube, right inside the package. 

granny blowup doll

Sex dolls

A sex doll is exactly what it sounds like—a person-shaped sex toy that has a full body and is anatomically correct. They are made of materials like rubber, plush, silicone and thermoplastic elastomer, and come in a variety of price ranges.

Sex dolls are a substitute for a real-life partner when you’re in a pinch (or simply don’t want one) and they usually feature openings in the mouth, butt and vagina (for female-shaped dolls), which are available to stimulate sex.

The BlowUps Granny Doll is a great example of a blow-up sex doll. It inflates easily and has a penetrable mouth, butt and vagina, that can be used as a male masturbator.  

vibrating stroker

Vibrating stroker

Vibrating strokers are regular strokers with the added power of foreplay. They are versatile and can be an asset in both solo play and foreplay. You can pack them up and take them on the go, meaning you can get off at any time you fancy.

Like any old stroker, the Zero Tolerance vibrating stroker contains a soft, textured interior sleeve tucked into a shell that has a contoured shape that’s easier to handle. But it goes one step further by adding seven different vibrating modes that can up your masturbation game by a landslide.

This particular vibrating stroker uses a removable bullet vibe to power the vibration and is rechargeable. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to take care of and ready when you are, look no further!