An Orgasm State Of Mind

For most people having an orgasm during sex is normal. For some though, orgasms can be non existent, entirely because of the way they are thinking during intercourse. So want to know how to make certain you reach that O during sex? Do it through your state of mind!



Researchers found that the women who regularly reach orgasm during sex reported having more erotic thoughts when they were having intercourse than those who did not have orgasms regularly during sex. This better reinforces the thoughts that orgasms can be more mind than body. The idea is to let your body take control while your mind relaxes. Don't worry about how long it is taking, how you look while its happening or how your partner is feeling. Think of how you are feeling and what would make you feel even better. Self consciousness is not the consciousness you want to orgasm.


Never stop and look at the bedroom clock when having sex. If you or your partner takes a long time to climax, then thats ok! You should be allowed to have all the time you need. If you start to feel rushed, than your likelihood of having an orgasm diminishes greatly.  Slow down. The more buildup, the better the odds that an orgasm will be more intense.

When people deal with sexual anxiety, fear, shame, or guilt, their bodies often can’t perform sexually.  It’s not chocolate or oysters that are the best aphrodisiacs, it's your mind! Once you open your mind, your whole sex life can transform! 

Use your mind and think the thoughts you need on purpose to create the desire and experiences you want to have.  Because while we all tend to focus on the lingerie or whats in their pants, it turns out what is between your ears matters even more.