Beat The Heat With These Summer Sex Ideas

With temperatures on the rise this summer, getting it on might seem a little too messy with sweat. You're going to need some new ways to stay cool while getting down. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to position yourself to help get the job done without turning your sheets into a wet mess. Whether it be non-sticky positions, ice play or sex in water, here are some tips and tricks for keeping your sex life hot, while staying cool.




The lay down dog. 

This position is ideal in the heat, as you won’t be quite so up close and personal. Get your partner to sit down with their legs straight in front and straddle them lying backwards, with your legs facing straight behind. Hold onto their legs for extra leverage as you slide up and down – their hands are in the perfect position for spanking too.


The Summer Straddle 
Things leaning towards a summer quickie? You can probably do this one with most of your clothes on.
"Have the giving partner sit, while the receiving partner straddles their lap," says Sinclair. "The giving partner can simply unzip their pants, or put a strap-on over their clothes while the receiving partner can simply shift their underwear to the side. This face-to-face position can be super intimate, even if you keep your top on. It can easily be done in a car or closet, too!"
While giving your guy oral, alternate putting your lips over his penis and lightly rubbing his shaft with the ice cube. The combination of your warm mouth and chilly temperature will make his jaw drop.
When your guy is going down on you, have him alternate between lightly touching your clitoris with the ice and using his mouth and tongue.

Water Sex  

Whether its in a tub, pool or lake, water sex is a great way to get it on while staying cool, and don't limit it to just underwater sex.

To get the best of both worlds, try sitting on the edge while your partner goes down on you or vice versa.

For a comfortable position that allows you to rock yourself into a steady orgasm, face your partner and straddle them as they sit on the seat or edge of the body of water. Even through a floatation device in there for extra stability and fun.