Choosing your Panty Fit

The first and most important thing when choosing the right panty fit, is choosing something that makes you feel your best! Whether that is just for comfort or to make you feel sexy, you should feel good! 
Panties unfortunately come in just the generic sizes — Small, Medium, Large — which can make it tricky for us ladies! Especially when each cut is different, not to mention which brand size you choose also. 
Maybe it’s a thong that is too tight at the waist, or a brief cut that bunches in the back. Even if it seem like it could be a small detail, it can end up causing you to be uncomfortable throughout the day, make you look larger than reality or not fit properly under your clothing. 
Whether you are choosing a thong, bikini, high waisted, a hipster cut or a brief, taking into account the fabric and measuring your waist before going shopping can help ensure you find the best panty for you to feel your best, let alone help you save money on panties that don't!