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Bachelorette Party Trivia Napkins


Want some dual purpose bachelorette party supplies, well these napkins are both a game as well as function as they were designed as well.

In looking for the newest in bachelorette party games, these Trivia Napkins, work not only as a game, but do double duty as a great napkin!!

These are the typical cocktail size napkin measuring 5" x 5" and match with plates, cups, banners, straws etc... Each napkin opens up to give a fun trivia game while at home, a bar, club, limo or bring them along with you as you go out to eat!! 

Fun to play this game twice, first try it before the party gets going, then after a few drinks, pop these bachelorette trivia dare napkins open again and just see if those sober answers change a bit.

This Bachelorette Party Trivia Dare Napkins are one of those bachelorette supplies that are not to be missed, to make sure and pick up a few packs for the girls night out!

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