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Bride to Be Naughty Tiara Set


Who says the bride-to-be should be the only one who gets to wear a tiara at her bachelorette party? With this Bride-to-Be Naughty Tiara Set, you can all feel like princesses for the big night out!

The Bride-to-Be Naughty Tiara Set includes four sparkling silver tiaras for the bridesmaids, and a special pink tiara for the bride-to-be herself, so even though you’ll all be wearing tiaras and looking like royalty, it will still be clear whose party it is! Each of the tiaras has a pair of penis-shaped cutouts shooting out of the top of it which are sure to make you all look ridiculous. Can’t take yourself too seriously on such a fun activity, after all! The bachelorette’s special tiara also has the word “BRIDE” written across the front in big silver letters, and a short veil coming out from the back, to further distinguish her. And what goes together better than an elegant veil and a pair of glittery pink penises, after all?

The Bride-to-Be Naughty Tiara Set comes with five foam headbands and five adjustable headband cords. These cords are flexible and adjustable to ensure the headbands will fit any head size.


Four silver tiaras for the bridesmaids
One special pink tiara for the bride-to-be
With adjustable headband cords

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