Liberator BonBon


If you're spending the evening alone, BonBon invites you to focus on pure pleasure that's all your own. This innovative, curvy little cushion was deigned to securely hold your favorite dildo or vibe in place so you can climb on, or hold it any way you see fit for perfectly tailored self love.

BobBon is compatible with most penetrative toys, whether they have a base or not, detailed instructions are included in the inner side of the label. Of course, you can also use this toy with your lover; even if you're not in the mood for toys, BobBon also works well as a bolster pillow to help with positioning and support during sex.

Under the sensuously soft washable microsuede cover is a moisture proof liner and a thick, supportive foam core. Dimensions of 15 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 8 1/2 inches high.

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