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Ouch! Beaded Silicone Urethral Sounding Set

If you're a seasoned sounding pro, you'll probably already know what we're about to say, but we'll say it again, just to be sure. Sounding (also known as catheter play or urethral penetration, if you prefer) can be extremely pleasurable, but it's not something you should try out without lots of prior research, time, patience and a great set of high quality tools. We've got the tools - the Ouch! Beaded Silicone Urethral Sounding Set but please, do your research if you're a sounding newcomer!

Okay, that's out of the way so let's talk about the Set. It contains three urethral stimulators, all solid silicone, all thrillingly beaded, and all ready to stretch and stimulate. Though they're each equal in length, the Plugs feature variable thicknesses, so you (or they) can pick the one you're most comfortable with. As you play, always keep a close eye on things to avoid discomfort or injury.

Always follow a meticulous cleansing routine before and after using one of these (or any) urethral penetration device. Each Plug's nonporous, silicone surface is easy to clean - something you definitely want in a urethral device. Always use the highest quality lube with any tool that'll be entering our or your partner's urethra - the best option is a sterile surgical or medical grade water based formula.

*The Plugs are each 9.4"/240mm in length and range in thickness from .24"/6mm, .31"/8mm and .39"/10mm

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