Pillow Talk Card Game


With the Playful Pillow Talk Card Game

Are your bedroom behaviors a little stale? Do you want to understand your lover's desires better? Do you wish your partner would do something different? Each round of our passionate game is meant to encourage lovers to open up about their needs, wants and secret desires in a fun, comfortable way.

A Rewarding Game For Couples
Whether the reward is a passionate night in or a life-changing discussion, each round can break you out of the routines and explore new, exciting sexual fulfillment. Ditch the old taboos and insecurities and open yourself up to a wonderland of phenomenal sex.

Great for Every Level of Erotic Experience

Whether you’re a bashful beginners or an erotic expert, each card in this game set is made to heighten sensitivity, elevate pleasure and intensify arousal for everyone involved.

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