Posh Silicone Finger Swirls

Sweetly simple, unique little fingertip sleeves that give new purpose to your hands during sexy situations, the Posh Silicone Finger Swirls effortlessly add lots more pleasure to the touch of your or your partner's fingers.

Incredibly supple, silky and perfectly flexible, each is textured into a sensational pattern of raised swirls mixed with wavy ribs. Needless to say, with one, two or all four of the sleeves helping you out, 'fingering' takes on a new meaning.

You'll both adore the feel of the thin, silky silicon making up your Finger Swirls, each will warm naturally as you play, and conform to the shape of your or their finger. Silicone is odor and taste free, extremely hygienic and hypoallergenic to boot, ideal for sensitive skin. If you'll be using a lube with your Finger Swirls, please choose a water based formula.

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