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Romantic Rendezvous

It's a very special time for partners to share their love and affection. Romantic Rendezvous extends the relationships foundation so a couple can grow closer, laugh and delve into the joys and delights of being together. It's a great gift to give yourself, special friends and relatives.

Designed to build intimacy and trust, Romantic Rendezvous is actually two games in one. There is a Rendezvous board game and a card game. The games can be played independently or together. In the board game, a roll of the die determines your place on the board. Following the instructions given on that space, you will be encouraged to do something for your partner, either physically or verbally. In the card game, cards are drawn and the instructions on the cards are followed, also encouraging you to do something for your partner for a specified amount of time. Played regularly and with interest, the game's objective is to improve communication and expression between couples. Not meant for players under the age of 16.

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