Scandal Position Strap

There doesn't seem to be much middle ground when it comes to doggie style sex - either you love it or it's just not your cup of tea (coffee, juice, etc). If you love it, great! Scandal's Position Strap is ready to reaffirm why. If you're not a fan because of the doggie position's lack of support, possible mobility issues or the fact that it just doesn't hit the (g)spot for you, maybe the Love Strap can help change your mind!

Cradling your or your partner's hips, the Position Strap comfortably supports the lower body whether the two of you are standing, kneeling, laying or some combination. The person penetrating will be able to use two rugged handles to help stabilize and secure their partner, plus, they'll be able to control depth and speed perfectly. If you're really, really not into doggie, that's totally fine! The Position Strap works great in many other positions, too - try it out in missionary, them on top, or during oral sex.

* The Scandal Position Strap is approximately 27" (68.6cm) in total length and 4.5" (11.4cm) in width.

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