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Selopa Intro To Plugs Kit


Just for argument's sake, let's say that you're looking to practice up for some bigger butt-geared things to come. Or maybe you're in the market for four sleek, sexy sizes of backdoor penetration potential to play with. In either of those situations, plus many more, Selopa's Intro To Plugs Kit has just what you and/or your partner need to stretch, stimulate and satisfy.

Inside, you'll find four tapered Plugs in plushy black elastomer. They'll each offer you and/or your partner easy insertion, quick adjustments and worry-free removal, but the similarities stop there. Each is shaped and sized for a distinct sensation - there's a classic taper, a bottle-shaped double swell, a triple-beaded version and a big taper/swell combo.

If you're an anal newcomer, great! Start with the smallest Plug and work your way up when you feel ready, or, if you're feeling confident, dive right into butt play bliss (after lubing up, of course!).

In phthalate-free TPE, the Plugs are body-safe and easy to clean and care for. Before and after, wash them well with soapy water or a good quality toy care fluid/foam/mist. You will, of course, be using lots and lots of lube with your Plugs, so you'll be happy to know that they're fully compatible with any favourite water-based formula.

* The Plugs range from 4.8"/12.2cm to 3.14"/8cm long and 4.5"/11.4cm to .94"/24.cm wide

Length: 4.8"
Insertable Length: 4"
Girth: 3" at largest point
Width: 4.6" at largest point
Colour: Black

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