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SEX! Coupons


Every couple should have these! Ignite your imagination and your sex life with this flirty and sexy Coupons for Lovers.

Make your lover anticipate your next sexy rendezvous with these creative and naughty coupons!

Each coupon features a new sex position you and your partner can try. Your man (or lady!) will be rushing home in no time to have some private time with you!
You can put these coupons in your lover's pants, wallet, car, or anywhere else and surprise them with your sexy invitation.

These coupons have a tear-off section where you can write details for your sweetheart and make it easier for them to carry around your coupon.

The Sex! Coupons for Lovers comes in a booklet of 20 coupons. Make your beau or beauty desire you all day long with these fun coupons!

Kheper Games creates a wide range of exciting adult games and novelties to bring you more sexy fun. From couples games to bachelorette party accessories, Kheper Games offers entertaining products to any party or bedroom!

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