Sex & Mischief

Silky Sash Restraints

Offering lots of silky, sensual length to your playtime scenarios, the Enchanted Silky Sash Restraints from Sex & Mischief are an incredibly versatile pleasure-trove of bound-up possibilities. The 2 extra long bands of the softest satin imaginable can be combined in tons of very enjoyable ways, from classic wrist binding to more elaborate hog-ties and bed-bondage situations.

Each satiny Sash measures in at about 4.3'/1.3m, so the possibilities are nearly endless. If you're craving a cuffed-up situation, loop the ties around a partner's wrists or ankles (and vice versa,of course) before pulling the ends through special slots at the end of each Sash. Once that's done, you can connect them together, knot them around bedposts or chair arms and much, much more.

Hand wash as needed.

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