Sex & Mischief

Sex & Mischief Hog Tie Restraints


You can wriggle, writhe, beg, and plead - but there's no escape until your partner says so - or you pull out your safe word, of course! Ready to play (hard!) anytime the mood strikes, Sex & Mischief's Hog Tie Restraints provides some sexy, adventurous support, bound-up potential, and erotic inspiration. Plus, it looks hot!

Adjustable and forgiving (great for beginners), the soft, adjustable Hog Tie and attached cuffs form a flexible cross that'll keep your or your partner's hands and feet immobilized. You or they can play with the length between each cuff, and the simple design won't intimidate (too much).

The cuffs fit wrists and ankles up to 12.5"/32cm, and all four straps adjust from 1.5-11"/3.8-28cm. Spot clean as needed

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