Simply Hybrid Lube 4oz

Over-the-top silky and extremely long lasting, Wicked's Simply Hybrid contains a perfectly proportioned blend of silicone and water-based slipperiness formulated to feel as natural as possible. Effortlessly moisturizing while completely eliminating uncomfortable friction, Simply Hybrid is an ideal choice for sex, toy play, masturbation and more.

Thick and creamy right out of the bottle, Hybrid melts into an easy-spreading, non-drip layer of slippery pleasure as the heat of playtime kicks up. The plushy moisture complements and enhances natural lubrication, but it's also fully capable of taking over completely when needed (ie: anal!).

Simply Hybrid is a fantastic choice for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin - aloe and olive leaf extracts protect and nourish delicate body areas, plus, it's free of propylene glycol, glycerin, parabens and is pH balanced. Compatible with most toy materials (excluding silicone toys) and latex condoms.

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