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Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set


As if a super silky, completely classic silicone plug weren't enough, the Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set lets you - or you and your partner - easily attach one of three included (and also some not-included) Tailz tail accessories. Feeling foxy? There's a tail for that. Wanna go classic with a poufy bunny tail? There's a tail for that, too!

Penetrating super-smoothly, the Vibe's classic silicone shape penetrates with juuuust enough simulating stretch. Past a tapered tip, it widens gradually toward the bottom where a nice sleek neck helps hold everything in place place. Like any good butt toy, the Vibe features an extra wide base that helps prevent any too-deep travels.

Speaking of the base, that's where you'll hook up one of three Tailz attachments, a fluffy pink bunny tail, a pure white fox tail, and a grey fox tail. Just push the plug end of your tail of choice into a circular groove and twist to secure.

In ultra hygienic and hypoallergenic silicone, the Tailz Snap-On Silicone Anal Vibe is easy to clean and keep at the ready for fun. Wash your plug well before and after playtime using warm soapy water or a favourite toy care fluid/foam. You will, of course, be using lots of lube with this toy, so be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula. Please don't be tempted to use a silicone lube - it can break down the material over time, and no one wants that. On that note, it's best to keep this (and any silicone toy) away from other silicone products. The Tailz attachments should be hand washed with gentle hand soap and a damp cloth, then blow dried to re-puff. Not rated for use in water.

Length: 3.75"
Insertable Length: 3"
Girth: 4.2" at largest point
Width: 1.25" at largest point
Colour: Black, Gray, Pink, White

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