We-Vibe Chorus


Adored world and bedroom-wide for its impeccable couple friendly design, the We-Vibe Chorus pairs customizable flexibility (Chorus bends, curves and angles at two possible points, easily fitting individual body contours and many, many sex positions) and ingenious body conscious styling with tons of rumbly vibration modes, compatibility with the fabulous We-Connect app AND a very unique Squeeze activated remote.

Its thick swollen external stimulator throbbing against your/their clitoris once in place, Chorus's slightly flattened opposite arm slips into the vagina, coming to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding areas. Sleek and silky, the penetrator portion is smooth at its underside, easily accommodating a partner. The natural motion of sex will massage Chorus's internal arm while throbbing against the penis or dildo inside. For the most perfect fit, you'll be able to customize the angle by gently manipulating the neck or the base of Chorus's internal stimulator.

Activate vibration by pressing a soft-touch button on the Chorus, or by using the plushy Squeeze Remote. Either option will cycle We-Vibe's synchronized inner and outer pleasure points through 10 in-built vibe modes. If you're going to be giving the remote a go (and we highly recommend that you do!), you'll feel the difference right away. Aside from an easy manual mode that allows for quick switch-ups between vibration patterns and speeds, the Squeeze Remote features a pressure-activated option that reacts to the squeeze of a holding hand. The tighter you or your partner squeezes, the stronger vibration gets - the opposite is true, too. Let off some pressure to bring vibration down to a low rumble, and grip tighter to rev it up to a throbbing pulse.

But wait! There's yet another control option - the amazing We-Connect app. Install it on your phone or device to unlock many more ways to enjoy the Chorus, from exclusive vibe modes including touch-controlled, custom creations and a secure chat function, to cam visuals that'll connect you and your partner, even when when apart.

Speaking of We-Connect, the Chorus is the first We-Vibe model to feature Ankorlink. Ankorlink creates the most stable connection possible between you and your partner when playing over Bluetooth. The Squeeze Remote acts as an anchor between your Chorus and the We-Connect app, so the partner with the Chorus will need to keep it close when using We-Connect..

Fully USB rechargeable, the Chorus runs for approximately 90 minutes on a full charge. A convenient standing charge dock doubles as a travel and storage case- place the Chorus on the dock and hook up the included USB charge cord to a computer or compatible adapter. Remote requires a replaceable CR2032 cell battery, which is included.

In highest quality silicone, the Chorus cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favourite water based lubricant- please avoid silicone lubricants and contact with other silicone products. Waterproof.

3 out of 4 couples agree that using Chorus makes sex better.
83% of people think Chorus is a fun add-on to their sexual routine, while 17% of people think that Chorus is a true enhancement of their sexual routine.
3 out of 4 people were able to climax during intercourse with Chorus, and 1 out of 2 couples were able to climax together while using Chorus.

Manufacturer does not allow any further discounts on this item.

* Please note that the free We-Connect app must be downloaded to your device in order to enjoy mobile remote access. Full instructions are included. The We-Connect app is available from Google Play or the App store. The app is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth 4.0 & 5) products including iPhone (4S/iOS 7 or newer) and Android devices (OS 4.3 or newer). Available in multiple languages. Pictured phone is not included.

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