Improve Your Solo Experience with the Best Sex Toys for Her

There is plenty of choice when it comes to sex toys for her—but we assure you, they are not all equal. It all depends on what you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional vibe, some anal pleasure or a little clitorial stimulation, there’s a different tool to get the job done. With that in mind, we’ve gathered our top picks for the best sex toys for her.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered. Check out these nine exceptional picks:

Glam Squad Bullet Vibe Set

While it's true that occasional indecision is an annoying fact of life, we can make at least one sex toy related decision a whole lot easier! Evolved's Glam Squad Bullet Set contains three silky silicone vibrating pleasure staples in one handy package.

A firm, round-tipped gold bullet vibe is first up. Enjoy this Glam Squad core vibe all on it's own or slip on a black silicone attachment of choice and play away. There are seven possible modes of vibration to pick from, including steady stimulation options plus lots of pulsing, escalating pleasure.

Whichever vibe mode you or your partner decide to take sexy advantage of, it'll throb and buzz straight and true through the Glam Squad's Tulip, Bunny or Wand sleeve. Each sleeve offers up a distinct sensation, from flickery, tickly ears to firm, pinpoint-precise curviness. Try out all three to find your fave.

Simplicity Piers Silicone Finger Vibe

Romp clitoral stimulators were made for women who enjoy a little extra pleasure, whether they’re using it with a partner or by themselves. 

It provides six levels of intensity that create toe-curling pleasure. So, whether you’re looking for a slow burn or something quick and intense, it can be achieved with the romp. 

You’ll need batteries to run this toy (which means it can be packed in your checked bag for all you travellers out there). And the soft ABS, body-safe silicone is water-resistant (but not proof) and easy to clean.

Wondering how it works? The cute little head of this tool provides clitorial stimulation by surrounding it and applying “Pleasure Air Technology” directly to it. You can use the different intensity as you please. 

The Romp is designed for mind-blowing pleasure. But if you’re looking for a different way to achieve clitorial stimulation, check out My Butterfly Finger Vibe.

Best realistic dildo Blush Dr. Skin Vibe #6


                                Dr. Skin Vibe

We admit Dr. Skin Vibe #6 isn’t the sexiest name—but we promise when you learn what this baby can do, you’ll forgive that pesky little detail.

This one of the best realistic dildo on the market. It features a prominent head and a vein-filled body to provide an intense internal massage. Not to mention it’s a vibrator, you simply use the twist-dial base to your desired vibration pattern and go to town. 

It has an insertable length of 7.5 inches and is 1.5 inches in width. It powers up with AA batteries and is made from a non-porous, body-save PVC material that’s easy to clean and care for. 

When you’re ready to use it, give it a good clean, lube it up, select your preferred intensity and get busy. 

The Dr. Skin Vibe is the select choice for a realistic(ish) experience, even if you’re flyin’ solo. If this is a little too real looking for you, give the nü Sensuelle Brandii a try. 

Ns Novelties’ Aluminum Plug

Ns Novelties’ Aluminum Plug

                               Pink Heart Gem

Anal play can be a little intimidating but this cute jewelled anal plug by Ns Novelties gives it a classy sparkle.

Whether this is your backdoor entry or you’ve been here before and you’re looking to add a little luxury, the rose gold-tone and sparkly pink heart gem make this an elegant addition to your bedroom play. 

It comes in two different sizes—for beginners working on your first solo performance, the small has a wide base so it doesn’t go in too far but the plug has a gentle taper that stretches and stimulates but doesn’t overwhelm. If you’re at a more advanced level and want to play doubles, the medium gives the same great aesthetics but has a slightly wider finish and longer insertable length. 

When you’re ready to play, you simply lube it up, get comfy and slip it in. If you’re flying solo, you might want to pair it with a vibrator for some extra fun!

The Ns Novelties aluminum plug is the best choice for beginner butt play with a fancy finish. If you’re looking for the height of luxary and aestetics, the Icicles Handcrafted Glass Plug has a real rose finish.

best vibrating wands We-Vibe’s Romp Flip Wand Massager

We-Vibe’s Romp Flip Wand Massager

Best traditional wand vibrator: Romp Flip

Ladies, if you’re looking for a wand vibrator that’s traditional but comes with a few extra perks, let us humbly recommend We-Vibe’s Romp Flip.

Vibrating wands are a girl’s best friend, and the Romp Flip delivers. It has six intense vibe modes and four unique patters. It comes with a protective travel cover and magnetic USB charging cord so it can be your carry-on travel companion. Not to mention, you can use it in the shower or tub.

The Romp Flip is made of body-safe silicone that’s soft to the touch and easy to clean. Plus it’s whisper quiet, so if you don’t want someone in the next room to know what you’re doing, it’s got you covered. 

If you want some good ol’ fashioned vibrating power the Romp Flip is your gal. The Shibari Voodoo Karma Vibe is also a great choice if you’re looking for a more traditional vibrator experience. 

Pipedream’s Dillio Double Trouble Dildo

Pipedream Dillio Double Trouble Dildo

Best double penetrator dildo: Dillo Double Trouble

If you’re looking to have double the fun in the bedroom, the double penetrator dildo Dillio is the ideal bedroom companion. 

The dramatic bend of the low-maintenence PVC helps you achieve deep penetration. The two lifelike tips are suited for anal and vaginal insertion with vein detailing that helps provide your inner sweet spots with a deep, pleasurable massage.

You’ll want to make sure that you lube up this bad boy before you get this party started (Pipedream recommends using something water-based). 

The Dillo Double Truble is a fun, trouble-filled addition to solo adventures. But if you’re not a big fan of the pink, check out the Colours Double Penetration in a cool purple. 

Lovense Lush 2 Bluetooth Wearable Vibrating Egg

Lovense Lush 2 Bluetooth Wearable Vibrating Egg

Best long-distance sex toy: Lush 2

The pandemic has changed many of our sex lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt. The Lush 2 was designed specifically with long-distance partners in mind. You can connect this bad boy to your partner whether they’re living in the apartment down the hall or across the Atlantic. 

This 2020 breakout sex toy combines a wearable vibrating egg with a traditional panty vibe giving you both g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Not only that but it offers customizable vibrating patterns and is whisper quiet. 

An air to ultimate versatility the Lush 2 is a good choice if you want something you can use with a partner (whether they’re present or not) on your own and if you’re looking for something you can discreetly wear out on the town. It’s full of possibilities.

The Lovense Lush 2 is ideal to steam up those long-distance love connections and enhance solo performances. Looking for something else wearable? Check out Blush’s Wearable Vibro Plug.

Evolved Novelties’ Vibrating Bumpy Anal Bead Set

Evolved Novelties’ Vibrating Bumpy Anal Bead Set

Best anal beads vibrator: Evolved Novelties bead set

It’s time for a fun fact—did you know that your anal area has one of the highest concentration of nerve endings in your entire body? If you’re ready to exploit that pleasure centre then the vibrating bumpy anal bead set is your perfect 4-in-1 set.

This classy little set is ideal for anal experimentation and comes with three different sized silicone anal beads and one external bullet vibe. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s something in this kit for you.  

You can pick your size and length of bead and either tuck the vibe through the convenient tube at the end for some internal vibration or use it separately for some external stimulation. 

The variety vibrating anal bead set is perfect for an anal variety show you’ll be sure to remember. Looking for something a little different? Check out Blush’s Luxe Silicone 10 Beads

Nü Sensuelle’s Remote Petite Egg Vibe

Nü Sensuelle’s Remote Petite Egg Vibe

Best for discreet pleasure: Petite Egg Vibe

Not everyone is read to go big or go home with a massive, realistic dildo. Some of us prefer something discrete and classy that we can put in our beside table that doesn’t scream sex toy when prying eyes are digging through our stuff.

The petite egg vibe offers a small, lightweight experience that’s easy to use and aestetically pleasing to look at. It features ultra-smooth silicone plastic that’s easy to clean and temperature receptive.

This external vibe comes with a remote control that helps you (or your partner) easily select from 15 different vibration moves. Plus, the remote itself can be used for a little fun since it also vibrates. 

The Nü Sensuelle petite egg is perfect for non-phallic, aesthetically pleasing vibe pleasure. But if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you can check out the equally-as-discreet We-Vibe Tango.

Evolved Novelties Triple Infinity Silicone Rechargeable Vibe

Evolved Novelties Triple Infinity Silicone Rechargeable Vibe

Best for all-around fun: Triple Infinity Vibe

Not everyone wants to choose just one function, and who says you can’t have it all?

The Evolved Novelties Triple Infinity vibrator combines the insertable shaft of the Dr. Skin Vibe with the clitoral stimulation of the We-Vibe Romp for an all-around pleasureable experience. 

The life-like shaft provides internal stimulation while the clitoral head provides direct pleasurable impact, combining two amazing sensations for the lady who simply wants to have it all. 

You can access five different sucking functions and eight vibe speeds, so you get exactly what you need. Plus the loop-shaped handle makes it easy to handle. While it’s not waterproof or submersible, you can recharge it using a USB cord. Plus it’s made of latex-free material. 

The Tripple Infinity Vibe was built with all-around pleasure in mind. But if you’re looking for more of a traditional rabbit look and feel, try Eve's First Rabbit Vibrator.