Halloween Roleplay

Halloween Role Play
Role play gives you the opportunity to engage in a game of seduction. Think of it as a personal movie that you and your partner get to star in. This might mean channeling your inner dominant side, or it could be submitting to your deepest fantasies. Acting out your fantasies can help you overcome things we are too embarrassed or anxious to embrace in our everyday life but could feel completely natural acting out with the bedroom. Here are a couple of ideas to get your mind wandering.
The Innocent School Girl
You are selling cookies at the front door to raise money for your school’s science club. After knocking, the door opens, you are taken back by how sexy they are, you take a slow deep breath and start your pitch. Your prospective customer is only interesting in one thing. YOU. He starts flirting with you, after a few minutes he reaches over and puts his hand on your leg… how do you react?
 The Sexy School Girl
You have been disruptive in class and get sent to detention after school with your hot teacher. You walk in and realize its just the two of you. You are bored and he is not paying attention to you so you drop your pencil and bend over in your mini skirt in front of him. You look back and see him watching you. He tells you that deserve to be punished…. what will he do next?
The Dominant Maid
You just finished cleaning the bedroom, your boss comes home and tares it apart trying to find his clothing for the day and heads to rinse off. You walk into the room to grab the duster you forgot and see the big mess as he gets out of the shower. You make him start cleaning while you sit there looking hot and sexy. Be sure to criticize his cleaning, bend over a few times to show him how to do it properly and when he doesn’t do it right, you decide the punishment.
The Maid in Trouble
You have just finished cleaning the house and you are standing the kitchen. Your boss arrives home and starts to slowly walk around the house, looking at you with a stern yet seductive look, and critiquing your work. He is making you nervous as he gets closer to you, you didn’t dust the bottom shelves in the living room. He commands you to go clean them, as you bend over you feel him behind you… what will your punishment be?
Get your erotic state of mind firing, pick up a sexy costume, push your limits, and have fun with it.